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Tasneem. Therapy in Barcelona Collaborator in Her Own Words…



Engaging in deep conversations about what truly matters to each client and helping them process their emotional experience is such a transcendent experience.


I’m Tasneem.

I come from Saudi Arabia and moved to Barcelona in 2019 after living for 5 years in the UK. 

Why Barcelona? The history, the architecture, the café culture, the sea, the mountains and the ethnic diversity. I just felt an immediate connection with the city when I first visited it 12 years ago.

English and Arabic


MSc Psychology and Psychotherapy from Middlesex University, London. Member of the British Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Society.

What does working with me feel like?

I accompany you in your self-acceptance journey. Where you learn to embrace your vulnerability and tackle your perfectionism, need for certainty, and black and white thinking.

I assist you in learning to tolerate distress and existential anxiety. To accept what slips from your control and find your inner authority and innate courage. To make meaningful connections with people and what you value in life.

We engage in deep conversations. We will talk about what truly matters to you, and I will help you process your emotional experience in this transcending experience.

I draw from Existential therapy (main framework), mindfulness, and CBT (complementary modalities). To achieve a more integrative approach, to suit the therapy to your needs.

Who do I help?

I work with adult clients dealing with:

Feelings of loneliness   |  Depression  |  Anxiety  |  Social anxiety  |  Perfectionism  |  Trauma  |  Bereavement  |  Relationship issues  |  Self-esteem  |  Social isolation  |  Abuse

A deep desire to delve into human nature. To discover what is going on inside us and understand my personal experience so I could use this knowledge to help others.

That’s how I wound up in existential therapy, my speciality, to dig deeper into concepts such as truth, freedom, responsibility, the meaning of life, and authenticity among others. 

As a result, my work, in London and Saudi Arabia, has often been and is with clients who seek deeper psychotherapeutic reflections on their predicaments.

What made me decide to study psychology?


details that have shaped me as a therapist

I believe in the truth of contradictions. If we believe in good, then there is bad. Love and hate. Light and dark. Positive and negative.

I’ve seen the thought of mortality awaken aliveness. And endeavour to make the best of life.

I hold the view that experiencing distress and trauma can potentially change who we are, how we are and where our place is in the world.

Let me share a short talk on finding meaning in life and challenging times

In my clients own words... therapy with me

Tasneem is a good counterbalance to my energy, she forces me to slow down and consider things, and doesn't let me skip away from a question or observation. She's been incredibly positive about my successes and has also made me acknowledge them to myself, something I don't often do. She's also taught me to watch my self-talk. I feel like she really gets me.

Tasneem is able to make me feel very relaxed but also challenge me & my views.

Are you ready to embrace your existential givens to live a more meaningful life?

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I consider we can uncover our potentiality if we muster the courage to face our struggles, allow ourselves to be imperfect, and find the meaning, or rather the light, that usually emerges from our suffering.