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Tasneem. Therapy in Barcelona Collaborator in Her Own Words…

Tasneem - Adults

MSc Psychology and Psychotherapy from Middlesex University, London. Member of the British Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Society.
Hello! I’m Tasneem 
I work with adult clients dealing with feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, perfectionism, trauma, bereavement, relationship issues, self-esteem, social isolation, and abuse.
Tasneem is able to make me feel very relaxed but also challenge me & my views.
[Adult Client]

My work has often been with clients who seek deeper psychotherapeutic reflections on their predicaments. I accompany clients in embracing their vulnerability, tackling their perfectionism, certainty, and black and white thinking, tolerating their distress and existential anxiety, accepting what’s not under their control, and finding their inner authority and innate courage to make meaningful connections with both people and what they value in life.

I come from Saudi Arabia, lived for 5 years in the UK and moved to Barcelona in 2019. My work in London included internationals and local adult clients, and in Saudi Arabia included mostly local clients and some internationals.
Existential therapy is my main framework, with mindfulness and CBT as complementary modalities in order to achieve a more integrative approach, to suit the therapy to your needs.
I am specialised in existential psychotherapy and hold the view that experiencing distress and trauma can potentially change who we are, how we are; and our place in the world may be profoundly changed. Seeking help during times of psychological distress will help you find a way of living more fully despite the challenges and difficulties. We always aspire to live with more meaningful connections with people and what we value…embracing our existential givens such as freedom, responsibility and uncertainty.
Therapy is the start of our journey, the processing of our emotions, and the connection with ourselves and the world at large.

Sessions can be in English or Arabic.

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