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We care deeply about the quality of our work and the way we impact our clients. 

We  survey our clients to see if they are satisfied with our service.

Here are some words from our clients from those surveys about their therapist and their time in therapy.

My experience has been very smooth, and well-handled at a time when I was particularly vulnerable.

I feel like the therapist and I truly connected. She can help me get to where I want to be in terms of my mind, body, and feelings.

I feel incredibly comfortable and safe with my therapist. I recognise the importance of the therapeutic relationship and I am really happy with the therapy so far.

I don't think you can improve your intake service. I was so happily surprised at the ease and speed my initial request was handled.

I think the intake service is great. I like how thorough the intake is. I feel that I have been placed really well with the right therapists.

Simple and helpful to book my sessions. My therapist was wonderful and I felt confident and comforted from our first session and look forward to working with her in the coming months.

Extremely satisfied with the sessions. Been having weekly sessions for over a year now. Helped me a lot deal with tough situations, change my way of thinking, and be in sync with my emotions. Couldn't ask for more!

Intake process was great and very quick, and my preferences and goals were taken in to account when a therapist was chosen for me.

My time with this therapist has changed my life. It sounds like one of those statements that someone might make up to look good on a website or blog but this really is the case. I was literally saved from darkness and despair that was slowly consuming my soul, and I can't thank you enough for your patience and understanding and for giving me the tools to face my demons and what life throws at me every day. It's a work in progress and there is still much to do on my part, but myself and my family are grateful for all you do.

My therapist is able to make me feel very relaxed but also challenge me & my views.

My therapist put me at ease in my first session - I think it was a good first step for me Easy booking process, thanks for facilitating.

All good. My therapist was a good fit and I appreciated your willingness to put me on a waiting list rather then push me towards an alternative therapist who was not as good of a fit.

Yes, felt it was very easy to talk to my therapist, his questions and responses gave me a feeling of being understood, and also clarified what I want to work on. The therapist provided a good structure for the session and a good framework for the path forward.

My therapist speaks perfect English, something that is very important for me, who feels super excluded from social life here, for not speaking Spanish. It was vital that she fully understands me. She's patient, and a very good listener, and is able to offer new insights on my problems as well as methods to change my outlook on life.

I find it very important that the therapist is concentrated, 100% with the client and interested in his/hers problems. You can realise if a therapist has real interest in your problems and wants to help you on your path to get better or the therapist is with his / her head somewhere else. The motivation of the therapist gives the motivation to the client. I feel accepted, respected and the real interest and importance in my problems. My therapist is always 100% with me and motivates me.

I spent a lot of money on therapists that didn’t really acknowledge my needs. They agreed on the first session but then continued with their own plan and I quit after a couple of months. My therapist at Therapy in Barcelona is the first therapist that actually gives me what I need which is ways to cope with my depression when it comes. We don’t waste time on irrelevant things. She also has a great way to make me notice things I haven’t before, and to make me come up with answers and solutions I didn’t know I had in me.

To one extent or another, everyone is in need of therapy as not everyone has all the tools and knowledge to take care of their mind.

Therapy with you has transformed my life and I am so grateful! I really valued our sessions. Thank you for always practicing non-judgment and reminding me to practice self-care. Truly, my relationships with others and myself have improved tenfold. I feel like I draw more meaning from experiences that would have irritated me, or gone unnoticed before. I look at situations that challenge me as opportunities for growth now, and I feel like I take more accountability for my actions.

I got the tools to help myself and realise what I need to do to not get stressed. My time with my therapist has helped me a lot! Every time I came from a session I had such a big smile and felt really powerful and strong!

I felt comfortable and I felt heard! I think we have a good perspective for the future things to work on and it was very easy to book an appointment! Thanks!

The session was great and I'm even a bit surprised by how well I was matched with my therapist! Also I have to highlight again how much I appreciate the flexibility and care when I booked my appointment. Thanks a lot!

Only had one session but feel like I already have a clear plan for tackling issues going forward with my therapist's help.

I feel so much trust and freeness to speak to my therapist which I have not easily found with anyone else! She is amazing!

Changed therapist after one appointment then got matched with another therapist very easily! Very glad.

My therapist helps me by guiding me through it and helps me stay focused on feeling better in the present. She is a key player in my wellbeing at the moment and I couldn't be more grateful.

Considering I would never have previously organised to speak with someone, the rapport and connecting I had with my therapist was better than I expected which made it easier for me to come back after the first session, and keep coming back. [I achieved] many changes, too many to list.

My therapist is not only present and caring, but also understands the breadth and depth of the mind and soul, which allows him to navigate each session within a framework that produces consistent breakthroughs.

Our therapist was welcoming, approachable and nice to work with from the first minute. The first session was already resourceful and we left the room with some insights to reflect on.

Me and my partner manage to stop a loop of being angry between each other due to bad communication. Our therapist made the right questions to both of us and moderate our conversations, ending up in active listening and more understanding in our relationship. The experience has been great.

I feel accepted, respected and the real interest and importance in my problems. My therapist is always 100% with me and motivates me.

I felt very comfortable and the communication was great! I was able to delve in to some sensitive subjects in the first appointment, which was beyond my expectations. Booking the appointment was easy. I’m feeling very optimistic about the potential of these sessions.

I was very anxious to start therapy when I first contacted Therapy in Barcelona. I was very glad to have found a place that offered therapy in English, as it is more comfortable and also with therapists that are also foreigners in Spain, as cultural differences may be easier to understand. I was met with no judgement in the way I thought about life and myself, which was very reassuring and calming. I think already a month or two after starting weekly sessions my family noticed a change, and are now proud of my more positive attitude and higher confidence. I couldn't have made a better choice than to ask for help nor found a better place and therapist, I feel. Thank you to the Therapy in Barcelona team!

I don't think I would have been able to accomplish this much without my therapist's help and guidance. From the very beginning, I felt very comfortable during our conversations. She has helped me so much, provided me so much new insights and I'm very grateful for it.

I have found therapy to be an incredibly positive experience. It has given me space to work out things in my life and I have felt very listened to and understood. I have methods to deal with problems in a way I didn't before.

Approachable and easy sessions and the availability of therapists working in different languages is helpful for foreigners living in Barcelona

Just talking things over has already been a great help. Preparing for the sessions by reflecting on things and noting them down also helped. I will never forget my first session, how sad and hopeless I felt, and all the doubts I had, that therapy is not a bad or shameful thing to do. Each session was a relief and my therapist taught me and shared so many things that I know I will always remember and will help me to face any difficulties. Thank you for listening and all your help.

Perhaps you consider therapy to be only “useful” for “major” issues?

If something is making you unhappy or you yearn for change, it’s important, whether it’s a small or a big concern. 

Sometimes we all need help understanding a situation or expressing our feelings. Maybe you need to process trauma or cope with a major life challenge. Or maybe you just want to focus on moving forward in your life or getting to know yourself more deeply.

There are many reasons why you may consider counselling, and none is either right or wrong.

Whatever your goals, we can help.

Thank you. I achieved the goals I set out to achieve with my therapist. She is easy to talk to, practical, gentle but firm and goes the extra mile. Most importantly, I am heaps better for having used this service. I now have lots of strategies to help me through challenging times.

My therapist is a good counterbalance to my energy, she forces me to slow down and consider things, and doesn't let me skip away from a question or observation. She's been incredibly positive about my successes and has also made me acknowledge them to myself, something I don't often do. She's also taught me to watch my self-talk. I feel like she really gets me.

The past few months have been so wonderful…more than I could have hoped for. When I get the urge to be a “rescuer” I pause and reflect on the repercussions. I have become a great “helper” and occasionally DO say no. Even my husband commented today that things were now better than he could have possibly imagined. I now have my daughter back…. Life is wonderful! I have come to terms with my shortcomings and those closest to me still think I am okay despite the few “rough edges”. I cannot thank you enough for saving me from what could have been a disastrous path.

I think seeing my therapist is definitely helping me to start to put into action concrete steps to improve which on my own I had sort of contemplated but couldn't bring myself to do anything about. I get exceedingly embarrassed very easily so it is testament to my therapist’s very approachable nature that I feel quite comfortable talking to her about almost everything. Very pleasantly surprised that my therapist responds to emails between sessions and even sends emails to check up on how you are - I didn't expect this of a therapist but it is comforting and gives the impression she really wants to help. I am delighted to have found my therapist. She's a very approachable therapist who goes out of her way to help and genuinely wants to help.

Environment was non-judgmental. Assistance was practical and able to be implemented immediately. Gentle but firm. A life saver – literally. I really didn’t know what I wanted, I just knew I needed help. I had spent years [seeking help] with little real improvement. My therapist could see what I couldn’t and has helped me to find out what I needed and what I needed to do to achieve it. I have become a new person and I actually like that person. Others have noticed and are also happy.

My therapist cares about YOU and YOUR problems. When you’re feeling bad it can be hard to wait for a weekly visit so she will send you little tasks or things to read. She hasn’t forgotten about you or is just there to take the money. She is certainly the best therapist I have had, although I hadn’t thought that I had had bad therapists before meeting my therapist. Therapists in my past had just listened while I cried and moaned but this therapist wanted to point me in the right direction so that I would heal myself without having to rely on others.

I feel very heard, safe, and seen with my therapist She is easy to talk to and I am super happy with our sessions so far.

I wanted to say thanks again for all your help this year. I started counselling not really expecting much, thinking that I wasn’t really ‘fixable’ but if I could just get a few coping strategies, that would be ok. You’ve given me plenty of these, and it’s helped more than I could have realised. So thank you!!

My therapist is an incredible listener. I could talk to her about anything, from the specific to the general, without judgement and always leave feeling 100 times better. I came with a couple of specific problems that are now, fortunately, significantly diminished. I’m delighted by the progress I’ve been able to make with my therapist. [The tools I have accrued are] a perfect mixture of immediate coping mechanisms and long-term mindfulness.

Are you afraid you won’t “click” with your therapist?

Rather than being immediate, it takes around 4 sessions to build a strong connection and shared understanding with your therapist. 

We match you up with a therapist based on the information you entered on the intake form (including your therapist preference if you had one) or the information we gathered during the discovery call.

However, there is still a possibility you won’t “click”. If this is the case, you can contact us to ask for a change, or maybe your therapist can refer you to another in-house professional who might be a better fit.

I was self conscious at first and considered giving up, but .. my therapist made me feel very valued and listened to and created space for me to explore topics I didn't realise I needed to delve into. She's incredibly patient and kind has given me lots of useful and tangible tools.

My therapist is so supportive and encouraging, and provides techniques that have helped me immensely.

I would recommend anyone going through a rough time to seek out someone to speak to.

My therapist truly listened to me and she made me feel calm, at ease, at peace even days after our sessions. She is a no-bullshit person, very supportive, very caring and very honest. This was one of the best experiences of therapy I have ever had.

I have been seeing my therapist for a couple of years now for a variety of things – depression, major grief and a few other issues… In all cases I have found her to be extremely helpful. I am far stronger now. I have worked on many issues with her that have been holding me back and am now working on getting going with my own business

They make you feel very comfortable and although everything is executed professionally, it doesn't feel too formal, this is a difficult balance to achieve and I think it is what is great about my therapist.

My therapist made me feel very valued and listened to and created space for me to explore topics I didn't realise I needed to delve into. She has given me lots of useful tools

Very happy to have found immediately the right therapist for me.

I have been able to process my fears and traumas that had been holding me back, along with processing emotions in daily situations.

Super helpful! Helps me filter my own words and visualize my challenges.

Very comfortable environment and consultations. very high commitment from my therapist Professional and respectful. [The changes I achieved were] anxiety reduction and general overall happiness.

Our therapist gave us the space and atmosphere to express ourselves freely and helped us organise our thoughts and emotions. Very good experience!

My therapist instantly made me feel safe and welcome. She allows me to take the time I need to gather my thoughts and to talk about what's on my mind. She helps me appreciate all of what I'm feeling, and not try to "fix" or override any difficult moments or negative reactions, which is a relief in this age of toxic positivity. I am seeing tiny adjustments in myself through the work I'm doing with my therapist. I have slowed everything down, and am learning a lot about myself.

I can recommend Therapy in Barcelona 100%. They are dedicated and committed to their clients.

I feel more in control of situations and have learned skills to cope under duress. It's fantastic to know that someone is working hard to help me even when we're not in session.

My therapist is really helping me with my self worth and self respect.

I would like to thank my therapist for everything. I don't think I would have been able to accomplish this much without her help and guidance. From the very beginning, I felt very comfortable.

My therapist was just what I needed to see my way through my problems. Pleasant environment. Relaxed atmosphere. I was very pleased I made the decision to seek help especially since my therapist and I seemed to be very compatible.

I spent a lot of money on therapists that didn’t really acknowledge my needs. They agreed on the first session but then continued with their own plan and I quit after a couple of months. My therapist here is the first therapist that actually gives me what I need which is ways to cope with my depression when it comes. We don’t waste time on irrelevant things. She also has a great way to make me notice things I haven’t before, and to make me come up with answers and solutions I didn’t know I had in me.

Are you ready to invest in your well-being to obtain peace of mind with the help of our psychology-trained therapists?

We don’t perform miracles, but we can support you in many ways. Guide you towards a more fulfilling life. Help you to regain the confidence you’ve lost. Encourage you to foster growth and bring happiness.

There is really no need to wait until you hit rock bottom before you reach out.

We will contact you within 24-48 hours M-F.

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