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Therapist Led Peer Support Group: Tips for Mental Health and Wellbeing by Therapy in Barcelona

?Please use it asa  safe space to vent concerns, ask questions, support others and share information or useful tips. ?
This is a support group with a difference – it is led and moderated by therapists so that:
⚡️you receive coping tips informed by evidence based therapeutic frameworks like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution Focused Therapy or Mindfulness Based Approaches and more
?‍♀️as well as being supported by peers (please support each other), some of the therapists from Therapy in Barcelona are moderating the group so you are likely to get a supportive comment or suggestion from one of our therapists when you post a concern or question
?it’s a safe group. As therapists, we won’t allow any unsafe comments or hate speech etc to continue. We will also remove any upsetting or distressing content. We’d like this to be a safe space for you to be supported in this challenging time
?it’s an opportunity to destigmatise therapy and therapists without having to go to therapy! You’ll learn, by noting some of the things we post, tools and strategies we employ in therapy. You’ll see it’s not that weird but incredibly helpful!
⚡️you won’t be inundated with toxic positivity OR irrational negativity or conspiracy theories – we try to, as we try to help our clients do in therapy, keep a balanced approach – we acknowledge the tough bits AND try to seek a new perspective to help lift our mood and improve our coping
? sometimes there’ll be silly memes and posts because laughter is therapeutic too!!
Come and join us here
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