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My name is Andrés and I’m a psychology-trained therapist from Mexico City.

I’ve lived in Canada, Scotland, and now in Barcelona.

I came to study for a Master’s degree in third-wave cognitive therapy and clinical psychotherapy.

I decided to stay after finding a pleasant community, of expat and like-minded therapists with whom I can share experiences and learn from at Therapy in Barcelona.

English and Spanish


MA Clinical Psychology, MA Third Wave Cognitive Therapy, Instituto Superior de Estudios Psicológicos, Barcelona;  BA Behavioural Sciences, Cert. Integrative Psychotherapy, Universidad de las Américas, Mexico city.

Let me share a tool to find out if your thoughts are true or just opinions

So, what does working with me feel like?

I do my best to make you feel welcome. 

I know that when you come to therapy you are in a difficult situation and are looking for healing. That’s why I’ll do all I can to make you feel welcome throughout the therapeutic process.

I provide a space of unconditional acceptance.

Here, you will be equipped with the tools. To change your current situation into one of fulfilment according to your values and interests.

I help you to look at concerns with a new set of eyes.

Because the way we perceive and explain what we are going through affects our ability to overcome challenges. We will develop perspectives that will help you find creative and effective solutions.

I have an integrative approach.

I draw from my knowledge of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), mindfulness, play therapy, interpersonal therapy, and psychodynamic therapy.

What can I help with?


Anxiety, Addiction / Substance Abuse, ADHD Management, Chronic Illness or Disabilities, Depression, Decision Making, Dating, Excessive Pornography Use, Family Difficulties, Fear of Failure, Problem Gambling, Grief, Infidelity, Mild Anger Management, Mild Personality Disorders, OCD, Panic, Specific Phobias, Pessimism, Guilt, Sexual Issues (Intimacy, Sexual Dysfunctions, Vaginismus, Erectile Dysfunction, Performance Anxiety, Pornography, Desire and Libido), Self-esteem, Sleep, Specific Phobias, Stress, Trauma.

I have always believed that one tiny speck of beauty makes the biggest imperfection worth saving. Because we can nurture beauty. In fact, I think the world is imperfect so we can bring perfection to it through our works of love towards others. 

That’s why I studied psychology, to help people by offering a space of acceptance and validation.

How did I realise my calling in life was psychology?


details that shape me as a person

When I was a kid, I loved to catch snakes and tarantulas.
I learnt to handle them with kindness and respect.

I easily cry at the movies.
I empathise with the characters and their situations.

I have a dog called Mateo who’s also from Mexico.
He belongs to my support circle. He is family.

What Clients Say About

Working With Me

Andrés is great! I feel better after I have had a session, I wish i could do it more often.

I really like our talks, and although therapy is work also for the client, I always look forward to our sessions.

Andres created a very welcoming environment and he was also very clear of what to expect from his approach. I was very positively surprised by the experience.

Absolutely it was a really good hour. Excited for more to come.

Are you prepared to find a path towards recovery and fulfilment?

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What I love the most about my profession is getting to witness positive and satisfying changes in people's lives.

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