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Living is more than just surviving and getting by. Therapy is empowerment!

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My name is Briana and I’m a therapist from New York.

New York made me, but Barcelona healed me.

Done with ‘ticking all the boxes’ in New York, I decided I needed to reconnect with myself.

Stepping outside my comfort zone and travelling completely shifted my life priorities and brought love into my life.

After returning to New York for a year I knew the Mediterranean lifestyle was the one for me!

English and Spanish

Adults, Adolescents 14+

BSc Psychology, MA Social Work

Let me share a useful exercise for coming back to your body and the moment using box breathing

So, what does working with me feel like?

I offer a calm, warm, professional presence. So you can feel comfortable right away, without judgement.

I build an authentic connection with you. So we can explore together to help unpack and meet new parts of you.

I provide a supportive environment. I am fully present and focused on your wellbeing and goals. 

I integrate tools to tailor therapy to you and your goals. Combining Narrative therapy, CBT elements, Art Therapy, Existential and Somatic IFS elements, Mindfulness and Breath Work.

Who do I help?

Adult Individuals With a Special Interest in Women's Issues

Unclear Sense of Purpose, Life Direction, Decision-Making, Existential Crisis, Adjustment to Living Abroad, Relationship with Yourself and Others, Emotional Abuse, Emotional Management, Perfectionism, Communication Challenges, Stress, Worry, Grief and Loss, Self-esteem, Personal Development, Work Life Balance, Women's Health.

Individual therapy is a voyage toward self empowerment, healing, and balance.

Adolescents 14+

Academic/life balance, anxiety (GAD), bullying, communication challenges, dating, depression, divorce (parents), direction in life, family issues, fears, friendships, gender identity, grief and loss, irritability, parent-child relationship, peer pressure, pessimism, feelings of guilt and worry, school anxiety, screen time, self-esteem, self-growth, self-doubt, sexuality (questioning, coming out), social anxiety, and stress.

Early experiences sparked my desire to understand human behaviour and how to work through challenges.

Always the go-to person for advice, I had a knack for helping friends gain clarity and peace.

The values of kindness, compassion, and empathy inherited from my Grandma are values I now bring to sessions. 

I am passionate about providing others with the support to manage emotions and life obstacles with confidence.

How did I realise my calling in life was psychology?


details about me as a person

I love using my hands to create something by drawing, doodling, painting, or punch needling.

I’m a thrill seeker! Where there is a zip line or amusement park you will find me yelling from the top of my lungs.

I love to connect with nature on the beach, paddle boarding and hiking.

Briana's Fees

Please note that the first session for child/adolescents is  always a parent/s ONLY session. Subsequent appointments are for the child/adolescent.

In my clients own words - therapy with me

Bri's attention to my specific language usage is something I truly appreciate. She skillfully poses reflective questions that challenge me, prompting deeper contemplation about the issues I working though. This process has been instrumental in fostering a deeper understanding of myself. Additionally, I find Bri's holistic approach to therapy super helpful. She seamlessly integrates guided meditations into our sessions and places significant emphasis on embodiment—an aspect I particularly love. Overall, I believe her therapeutic style aligns exceptionally well with my preferences and needs.

Briana creates a very open and relaxed environment, I feel listened to and understood during our sessions.

The waitlist process was well managed and I feel that the overall communication is very good. I'm glad I waited because I think Briana is the perfect fit for me.

Love Bri’s calm nature and the focus on the personal goal.

Definitely felt heard, understood, and respected during the session. Liked how Briana set the tone with breathing exercises to just fully be in the moment with her.

Everything was wonderful, we all felt heard. It was a great first session.

I really like that Bri listens carefully, without judgement, and provides feedback that allows me to see the situation from another perspective. She allows me to take action with her feedback and implements effective activities in our sessions. Even though we have only had 3-4 sessions I find them extremely helpful already.

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What I love the most about my profession is seeing the excitement, joy, and peace in clients' eyes when they realize that there is a different reality opening to them.

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