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I aim to see you flourish by trying out new behaviours, facing your fears, and achieving your therapy goals.

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I’m Cynthia, a registered Clinical Psychologist in South Africa.

I moved to Barcelona when my husband received a job offer that he could not refuse.

After a couple of years in Barcelona with the team and clients at Therapy in Barcelona we repatriated back to South Africa and now we are between the two countries. 

For this reason, I offer primarily online sessions with in office sessions on Friday afternoons only.

English, Afrikaans or Portuguese

Adults, Couples, Adolescents, Athletes

BA Psychology and Sociology, BA Honours Clinical Psychology, MA Clinical Psychology, PhD Psychology, MA Human Resources.

Let me share a tool to keep your morning cup of tea or coffee mindful

What does working with me feel like?

Safe space. I provide a place without judgement or prejudice where you can be yourself.

First session. It involves understanding what you would like to achieve from our time together.

Therapy plan. Tailor-made according to your needs and adjusted appropriately, should these change or evolve.

You determine what is best for you. And I shall use those goals as my guide.

I ask where you’re at. I’ll inquire how you are in the moment to see if you’re comfortable.

We identify your strengths. To focus on learning how to use them in your current situation.

Practical. I offer a variety of approaches including Brief Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Client Centered Therapy, Gestalt, Positive Psychology and Impact techniques.

Who do I work with?

Couples and individuals navigating:

Abusive Relationships (Emotional), Academic Challenges and Work-Life Balance, Adolescence and Peer Pressure, Anxiety, Bipolar Management, Carers, Communication Issues, Chronic Illness, Couples Counselling, Disabilities, Dating, Depression, Divorce or Separation, Direction in Life, Family Difficulties, Family Supporting Loved Ones with Mental Illness, Fears, Finding Meaning, Fertility, Grief,  Infidelity, Infertility, Mid-life Crisis, Mild Personality Disorders, Mild Anger Management, Panic Attacks, Pre- and Post-natal Mothers, Rumination, Self-esteem, Self-growth, Sport Psychology, Social Anxiety, Stress, Trauma.

People have always been naturally drawn to me. They would confide in me and ask for advice.

As this sparked my curiosity about how to best help them, I started to research what psychology was in my free time. That was the beginning of the love affair.  

After studying psychology, I did a doctorate study that used a Positive Psychology approach in helping athletes cope with stress. And this hooked me on working with athletes as well.

That’s how I began conducting therapy with sports teams, professional adult and young adolescent athletes.

I also have experience in facilitating workshops as well as 9 years experience working with adolescents, their families, teachers and the educational community that supports them.

So, how did I know psychology was my vocation?

And when I’m not working I love to:

Share time with my husband on our weekly date nights. It keeps the spark alive.

Read a good love story. I find it’s a lovely way to relax.

Spend time with friends. It’s an important part of my looking-after-myself routine.

In my clients own words... therapy with me

I'm loving working with Cynthia. She's great. I'm already feeling much better & know some of the steps I need to take to get where I want to be.

I felt like Cynthia really listened to me and was very motivating and positive. I think the most helpful part was that I felt very comfortable to share difficult personal problems in a very safe space without judgement. I also felt like Cynthia really listened and cared!

Cynthia is very respectful and manages to balance her attention and feedback between both of us in a very professional and emphatic way.

I felt very comfortable and hopeful after our session with Cynthia and the booking was easy and flexible.

Cynthia seemed to understand my issues, and I'm excited to work with her.

Cynthia is wonderful and I appreciated that she already sent me helpful practical tools. I very much look forward to working with her.

I felt Cynthia understood our feelings straight away.

I liked that Cynthia discussed how she usually does a first session and how she introduced herself and told me about her studies and experience. I felt really safe while talking with her and felt positive after the session.

Really good fit, calm, great listener!

I felt comfortable and able to express myself.

I liked that Cynthia discussed how she usually does a first session and how she introduced herself and told me about her studies and experience. I felt really safe while talking with her and felt positive after the session.

I felt that Cynthia kept up with my 'jumpy' thoughts. She recognised that my goals were not always clear and whilst I felt like there might be one focus, there were many. Cynthia was very skilled at letting me go there and listened to my thoughts in an open and caring way.

I've had a very good first impression, there seems to be a fit since I'm looking for something practical.

I really like talking with Cynthia and we will definitely be booking another session with her. She made me (us) feel comfortable and I am looking forward to working with her to improve the relationship with my partner.

Yes, i felt heard and understood. she was able to empathize. I appreciated that she introduced herself and explained a bit about her professional background and approach. I liked that she brought in some science to explain how the brain works and how it is triggered in the fight or flight mode. I appreciate that she asked questions about my family to understand my family background. and I appreciate that she directly asked for feedback and what she also needs from me in establishing goals and what to expect in each session. I explained that I would like to go deeper in the psychoanalysis aspects and explained my goals for closure and to understand the roots/patterns of my triggers and in relationships.

I feel really comfortable with Cynthia. She helps me through the hard bits, getting me unstuck from the places I'm stuck. Very happy.

I felt heard, understood and respected - Cynthia was very calming and kind. We got through a lot in one session and she sent me some materials to read before our next session. Booking was very easy. I don't have any suggestions to improve as I think the overall service is great ::)

Cynthia was great! Very kind and responsive. She kept our conversation going and had great insight about living in Barcelona and studying abroad. Great match!

She was very supportive and kind. She put me on the right track. My journey has been long but she definitely helped me get to a more balanced state to be able to function before tackling deeper issues.

Even though I felt there was a lot to cover for one session, I felt heard, understood and respected. At the end we managed to do some insightful techniques regarding self reflection. I found it incredibly easy to make an appointment.

Simple and helpful to book my sessions. Cynthia was wonderful and I felt confident and comforted from our first session and look forward to working with her in the coming months.

I was happy with the intake process and really pleased with the therapist I chose and was matched with.

Yes, very straightforward for booking, all went well.

cynthia's Fees

Please note that the first session for child/adolescent is  for the parent/s and child/adolescent TOGETHER. Subsequent appointments are for the child/adolescent.


Are you ready to enhance your strengths to help you cope with difficulties or foster growth?

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I believe that listening is a lost art form that people need to be reminded of. It is one of the most respectful things that a person can do.

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