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I invite you to try experiential therapy, to learn practical tools for transforming unexpressed emotions into meaningful insights. Through parts work, somatic therapy, talking, painting, writing, dance, music, or drama, you will experience a deeper understanding of the challenges you face.

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Please note that the first session for your child or adolescent is always a parent/s ONLY session. Subsequent appointments are for your child/adolescent. 


My name is Helena and I’m an Experiential and Somatic Therapist

Originally from the United States, I’ve lived as an expat for over nine years, most recently in Berlin working as a therapist and yoga teacher. 

I moved to Barcelona with my partner for the sun, friendly atmosphere and diverse music scene. I love working with fellow expats and sharing my passion for mental health.

English and German

Adults, Adolescents, Children 7+

B.A, M.A Expressive Arts Therapy (in process), Certified Yoga Teacher, Nonviolence and Peace Reconciliation Trainer, Compassionate Inquiry Certification (Gabor Mate Method)

What is Somatic Therapy?

So, what does working with me feel like?

We use what is most useful for you

I draw on tools from Internal Family Systems (IFS) – Parts Work, Somatic (Body-Based) Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Compassionate Inquiry, Breath work, Holistic and Integrative Approaches.

You’ll meet yourself in a unique way

Unlike traditional talk therapy, experiential therapy involves using activities, like creative writing, dance, psychodrama, visual arts and music to embody new ways of relating to life’s challenges. Yes! Anyone can do it!

An opportunity for self-acceptance 

By continually meeting new challenges in somatic therapy or art-making you will boost your self-confidence. Learning to let go of the outcome will transform your need for perfection.

Active and Fun

Therapy with me goes beyond talking! It is an experience allowing the space and time to creatively explore body, mind and soul. It can be fun for adults, teens and kids alike.

You’ll learn being ‘creative’ is for you too

Yes! Creating art in a therapeutic context can help anyone experiencing feelings of isolation, anxiety and overwhelm. There’s no ‘bad art.’

Who do I help?

Adults, kids 7+ and teens experiencing feelings of isolation, anxiety and overwhelm can benefit from using movement, music, creative writing and other creative arts in the therapeutic context.

Continually meeting new challenges in art-making will boost your self-confidence and combat perfectionism.


Depression, Anxiety, Life Transitions, Career Change, Perfectionism, Relationship Dependency, Stress Management, Dissociation, Trauma, Grief, Climate Grief, Climate Anxiety

Children 7+

Anxiety, Attachment Issues, Bullying, Communication, Depression, Family Problems, Fears, Friendships, Grief, Relocation, Irritability, Pessimism, Worry, Social Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, Climate Grief, Climate Anxiety


Anxiety, Attachment Issues, Bullying, Communication, Depression, Dating, Family Difficulties, Fears, Friendships, Grief, Climate Grief, Climate Anxiety, Relocation, Irritability, Pessimism, Worry, Social Anxiety, Stress, Trauma

What is Internal Family Systems Therapy?

You don’t have to be creative or “good” at art. Using different types of creative expression, like creative writing, dance, visual arts or music can work for anyone. 

This approach is recommended if you have tried talk therapy with little success.

With their limited capacity to verbalise emotions, kids and teens benefit greatly too.

Perfectionists can benefit too. By engaging in the process of art-making and learning to let go of the outcome, you can transform your need for perfection and find acceptance for yourself as you are.

Artists, visual and experiential learners enjoy it.

It is clinically proven to be beneficial for people suffering from depression

By engaging in movement or art-making processes you can experience healthy space between you and your problems and see yourself through a new perspective. 

Over a period of sessions in experiential therapy you will learn practical tools for how to turn unexpressed and misunderstood emotions into meaningful insights.

Who can benefit from Experiential and Somatic Body-Centred Therapy?

What is an experiential session like and how do clients feel after session?

Could an experiential therapy approach be for you? [Spoiler: YES!]

How did I realise my calling was working experientially and with the body in therapy?

I have always had a deep passion for making the world a better place. A way of making the world a better place is to focus on the inner world. When my clients cultivate their own wellness, they bring that peace into the world around them.

Experiential and Somatic therapies give my clients the freedom to work with a variety of modalities (dance, writing, painting, psychodrama and more) according to their concerns and goals.

I am continually fascinated by how effective experiential and body based therapies can be in giving new perspectives and solutions to clients.

I love being a pioneer for an alternative approaches to therapy and helping others learn about this cutting-edge and growing field. 


details about me

I love waking before sunrise. There’s nothing better than going on a run up a mountain at that time, and then sitting down with a big cup of coffee and a book.

I am passionate about spoken word. You can find me performing at poetry slams.

I love anything to do with kids. Letting go of the seriousness of adulting by playing silly games with kids is a great joy.

 I am writing and illustrating a book series for kids. It is called ‘The Mindfulness Warrior Series.’

what clients
say about working with me

I felt really comfortable in my first session with Helena. I think her holistic approach is gonna be a good fit for me and I'm excited to try out all the different modalities she offers.

Helena was great! She explained her approach and asked for relevant supporting context.

It was a great first session, Helena was very kind to listen to me and ask me questions that help me reflect.

It really felt like a kismet moment - Helena is from a city where we lived and one that our son cherishes. 🙂 We're optimistic about how this will play out for us.

Helena was very empathetic and kind. As it was my first session, she asked me several questions and got to know me a bit. I felt heard and safe. It was easy to book the appointment.

Experiential Therapy is great for kids and parents!

Are you ready to grow through Somatic and experiential therapy?

By engaging in bodily based therapies and/or creative processes, you can experience healthy space between you and your problems and see yourself from a new perspective. 

If you need support, fill in the form, and the Intake Coordinator will contact you within 24-48 hours on week days.

I am continually fascinated by how effective experiential and body based therapies are in giving new perspectives and solutions to clients in the challenges they face.

Share a journey through the Barcelona SWAB Art Fair to exploring how art provokes feeling!

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