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I will help you identify and work on what may be holding you back and preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself.

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My name is Maria and I’m a psychology-trained therapist from Colombia.

I fell in love and decided that love was worth flying 8526 kilometres away from my home to build a shared life with my Moroccan husband and our Third Culture Kid in Barcelona.

Therapy in Barcelona allows me to work with expats, a community I am pleased to offer my personal expatriation experience and professional training to.

English and Spanish

Adults, Couples

BSc Psychology, MA Child Psychology, MA Clinical and Health Psychology, MA Third Wave Cognitive Therapy

Let me share an exercise for acknowledging the good in your life!

So, what does working with me feel like?

I will provide you with a safe environment.

Confidentiality, respect, empathy and authenticity will be the basis of our mutual trust.  

I provide a space of unconditional acceptance.

Each person has huge potential for self-love. In our therapeutic relationship, my acceptance of you will open the door to a better relationship with yourself.

We will work toward your goals.

I will bring the professional tools to help you find emotional balance and healing. I will assist you to visualise and monitor those aspects of yourself or your life which no longer seem to be in tune.

I have an integrative approach.

I draw from my knowledge of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Positive Psychology, and Third Wave Cognitive Therapy approaches including Mindfulness. 

I specialise in inner child work. By acknowledging and honouring the needs of the inner child, we uncover patterns, beliefs, and wounds that may be influencing present-day behaviours and relationships.


Who do I help?


Pre- and post-natal concerns, depression, anxiety, panic, addiction, loss, trauma cognitive disabilities, self-esteem, stress, dating, divorce, family issues, decision making, issues with mood, sleep issues, adjustment to living abroad.

Inner Child Work

I specialise in guiding individuals to connect with their inner child for healing and self-discovery. Together, we explore past hurts, express unmet needs, and cultivate self-compassion. By understanding the influence of early experiences, you will gain insight into your behaviours and relationships, learn coping strategies for life's challenges. My approach fosters healing and empowerment through love, acceptance, and compassion towards the inner child.

Couples - Partners

Relationship struggles, infidelity, attachment issues and sexual concerns e.g., vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, no orgasm, differences in libido, and sexual performance anxiety.

I’ve always had a way of connecting with people and being very empathetic.

As my studies in psychology advanced, I understood that I had also studied psychology to heal and understand what had happened in my own life.

Psychology is a beautiful profession that has taught me and continues to teach me every day.

How did I realise my calling in life was psychology?


details that shape me as a person

My Daschund. I’m crazy in love with my dog.

The death of my Dad. I paused for a year to heal, deepen my self-knowledge, and learn about life’s richness through death.

I grew up in Colombia, surrounded by nature. It’s something that defines me. The smell of the forest, the colours of the flowers, and the succulent fruits. 

In my clients own words - therapy with me

I was very nervous about going to therapy, but since I started I wish I had began sooner. Maria is great, she listens, is empathetic, and offers good advice. But I also feel she is able to offer constructive feedback which I value. It has only been a few weeks, but I am starting to feel progress and if anything I have left every session feeling better about my situation and myself than when I walked in.

Maria is warm and engaging! She is a great listener and consistently provides useful tools to help me reach my therapy goals. I feel very comfortable opening up to her during our sessions.

I would like to express my gratitude towards Maria for her support during our sessions and her professionalism. She has certainly created a safe and friendly environment that enabled me to open up and express my feelings at all moments. I can confidently say we've made very obvious progress over the last few months and I'll be forever grateful for Maria's input. Exercises, uncomfortable questions, homework... it has been a powerful combination leading me to the next chapter of my life. THANK YOU, Maria

Maria's listening and taking me in a new direction to help fix the deeper issues rather than a temporary solution. She's probably the best therapist I've had, as I found myself reconsidering natural habits already!

Maria was very friendly, welcoming, and made me feel comfortabe. She asked lots of questions and listened attentively.

Clear communication from Therapy in Barcelona around appointments, great and kind therapist.

From day one Maria gave me clear goals with tangible feedback so I felt like I could measure my progress. She also demonstrated a masterful knowledge in digging deeper to the root of problems and how to arrive at possible solutions in a comprehensible manner. This was exactly what I was looking for.

I felt very comfortable and the communication was great! I was able to delve in to some sensitive subjects in the first appointment, which was beyond my expectations. Booking the appointment was easy. I’m feeling very optimistic about the potential of these sessions.

Everything went smooth by now, from booking the session and the first session itself. It felt like a good start of my therapy

Maria was able to detect patterns and summarize elements i had not noticed yet.

Very caring. Makes me feel understood and valued. Goes the extra mile to make sure I am enjoying life.

I felt like you matched me perfectly with Maria, we seem to have many things in common and honestly, a similar way of thinking. I felt heard and respected, her friendly, down to earth manner was really appreciated and I'm looking forward to the follow up sessions. Thank you!

I felt heard and listened to, she was very kind and open! I am excited to see what methods and work we do moving forward.

María's therapy has improved the way I take-on life obstacles and given me a more positive self-perspective. Her confidence has made it really easy to start and continue therapy with her. Thank you for your dedication!

The experience has been very different from other times I've been to therapy. Previously, my therapists have needed to do a diagnosis and focus on working on specific goals for specific issues. And I understand how that can be an effective treatment. But this time I needed to take my mess of thoughts and examine many different things and just process what I've been going through. It has been refreshing to find a therapist that meets me where I am that day and has a toolbox of many skills they can rely on to help me with what I need in the moment.

She was extremely empathetic and respectful. I look forward to continuing.

I feel like Maria explained very well how the sessions would work and what I can expect from her. I felt listened to and very at ease with her.

She made us feel comfortable, was calm and collected. She's a good listener and asked the right questions. We're looking forward to continue with her.

Everything was wonderful, we all felt heard. It was a great first session.

The match was a good one I think, and I feel very positive about moving forward. I felt very listened to and understood.

Are you ready to FEEL AND HEAL?

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I love seeing clients feel empowered as they develop self-knowledge, emotional regulation skills and act in alignment with their best selves.

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