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I hope to help you feel supported in moving through difficult life moments with ease, so that you can thrive and flourish.

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My name is Orly, I am a therapist trained in California and Tel Aviv.

My partner and I moved from Oakland, California to Barcelona for a more relaxed lifestyle, and the opportunity to grow through new cultural experiences.

After having experienced the challenges of moving to a new country, I feel excited and prepared to help others who are going through a similar life transition.

English and Hebrew


BA Psychology, MA Mental Health and Wellness Counseling

Join me for 10 minutes of mindfulness:

So, what does working with me feel like?

A therapeutic relationship of safety and trust.

In addressing the challenges you face, we’ll bring to light the resources you have always had within.

I provide a space of unconditional acceptance.

I am here to listen, ask, and learn about who you are, without judgment.

I specialise in working with trauma and loss.

Even if we have been scarred by past events, we can do the work to live a more fulfilling life, and end—or diminish—the impacts of trauma and loss.

I hope to help you feel safe, cared for, and empowered.

I bring the values of honesty, authenticity, and acceptance. I am warm, compassionate, and empathetic.

I have an integrative approach.

I offer evidence-based tools from Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), with elements of Humanistic, Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness-based approaches to therapy.

I help adults and couples

Difficulties that we can work on together include (but are not limited to):

Deep self-exploration, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, emotional imbalance,
major life transitions, migration and living abroad, loneliness, social anxiety,
stress management, divorce, existential questions, attachment issues,
relationship challenges, abuse, worry, self-esteem, family conflict,
dating challenges, bullying, peer pressure, pessimism, desire for growth.

I view trauma as any deeply life-altering
experience or past event that has left psychological scar tissue
and continues to heavily impact a person’s emotions, thoughts,
behaviors, and beliefs about themselves and the world.

I have extensive experience and passion for
working with survivors of relational trauma,
including but not limited to abuse,
sexual abuse/assault, and domestic violence.

I knew that I wanted to be helping people in some way from a very young age.

I had always been deeply empathic and introspective, and understood early on that everyone carries difficult experiences.

When I discovered that I might be able to help people as a therapist, I felt like I had truly found my calling.

I have found therapy to be immensely helpful throughout my own life, and I am honored to be able to provide others with this incredible tool.

How did I realise my calling in life was psychology?


details about me

I am a ceramics artist. I  am constantly humbled by the intricate and challenging process this ancient craft entails.

I love hiking in the mountains and being out in nature. I also love long city walks exploring  Barcelona.

Food is my favourite entry point into a new culture. I believe food brings people together, holds ancestral stories, and is always meant to be shared.

what clients
say about working with me

My first session with Orly was excellent. She created a safe space that allowed me to open up and share my issues with her. This laid the foundation for what I anticipate to be a really productive therapeutic relationship. I could see that she genuinely cared about my situation and wasn't just passing platitudes or 'therapy jargon' my way. I felt heard, valued, respected and supported. Most importantly of all, I didn't feel judged at all. I can tell that Orly is a highly skilled professional who genuinely cares about her clients. I'm very excited to continue working together and looking forward to our future sessions.

Orly is a very calm and caring therapist and makes it very easy to open up to her.

I felt heard, understood and respected while explaining my situation and why I felt the need for taking therapy. Orly was amazing, and so patient. I felt really comfortable in the first session itself. Looking forward to the upcoming sessions with Orly 🙂

Everything was super smooth and easy with Orly. Very welcoming vibes and we were able to talk about quite a lot!

Clear communication from Therapy in Barcelona around appointments, great and kind therapist.

I felt heard, understood and respected 100%. Very pleased with the first session and looking forward to the next.

Everything felt and went very well. I really enjoyed my session and feel like Orly and I will be a really good fit moving forward. Orly explained to me how the service works, however, it would be helpful to get a reminder to make a payment for my next session.

It was amazing! Super happy with my first session and the vibe in general. Will definitely be returning.

Great first session, I felt comfortable and respected, which made it easier on me to open up.

Are you ready to grow and feel stronger?

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I am honoured to accompany clients on incredible healing journeys; to witness their most challenging moments, and achieve lasting growth.

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