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Therapy in Barcelona Collaborator Avril Sexologist. In Her Own Words…

Avril - Clinical Sexologist for Individuals, Couples, or Groups

MA Clinical Sexology – University of Valencia
Hello! I’m Avril – a Clinical Sexologist and Sex Educator for Adults, Couples, and Groups from Miami, USA.
With my specialisation in Sexology, I can offer specific therapy to those dealing with sexual dysfunctions and related relationship issues. Working with individuals, we can delve into issues that are holding them back sexually. With couples, I can facilitate their journey to strengthen intimacy and explore their erotic side.
In sex therapy sessions, I always aim to create a sex-positive, inclusive, professional, supportive and educational environment for clients.

The goal of sex therapy is to help clients move past physical and emotional challenges to have satisfying relationships and a pleasurable sex life. I work with Sexual Dysfunction, Issues of Desire, Relationship Issues, Sexuality Issues and use a psycho-educational – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy framework.

I am extremely easy going and personable. I enjoy using humour to lighten up the mood both in my workshops and in therapy when appropriate.

Avril is such a friendly and warm person. During our sessions I feel like she’s really listening to what I have to say and I feel comfortable expressing myself. She is able to extract parts of what I’ve said and dive deeper into the issues. She’s really positive and gives me some simple tasks to do at home to help me move forward from the way I’m feeling. She keeps things really light and makes me feel really validated. I’d recommend her to anyone!!

[Adult Client]

I understand that sex and sexuality is a subject that makes most feel a bit uncomfortable, so it is always my goal for my clients to feel relaxed, safe, and comfortable.

My inclusive workshops cover different topics related to sex and sexuality that aim to create a ​welcoming and professional space to improve your sexual skills and gain new insight on various topics to enhance your erotic life.

I have been working with a non-government organisation as a Sexologist, Sex therapist, and Sex Educator – giving workshops and sex therapy to clients in Barcelona, Ibiza and Miami. I am also the director of events, recruiting sex educators and organising weekly workshops for adults in the United States for the same organisation.

Avril is nice and a good listener. She made me feel comfortable talking about the issues and not embarrassed. 

[Adult Client]

Sessions can be in English or Spanish.

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