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Therapy in Barcelona Collaborator Avril Sexologist. In Her Own Words…



I help you delve into whatever is holding you back from living a pleasurable life.

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I’m Avril, a sexologist and Sex Educator from Miami, USA.

When I first moved to Barcelona, I had a tough time finding English-speaking therapists. Luckily, I discovered Therapy in Barcelona, where I could confront issues to adapt to changes. 

Then I left the city to study sexology at Valencia university and had to do a lot of unlearning and healing. This later allowed me to have shame-free educational conversations while working in schools in Barcelona and Ibiza. That was before getting my masters in Clinical Sexology.

I then worked a few more years in Ibiza before love brought me back to Barcelona. And back to Therapy in Barcelona (which I feel is my home) to become part of the team.

English and Spanish

Clinical Sexologist for Individuals, Couples, or Groups

MA Clinical Sexology – University of Valencia

What does working with me look like?

I engage in making my clients feel relaxed, safe, and comfortable. Because sex and sexuality are subjects that make most feel a bit uncomfortable.

I devise a tailored therapeutic approach for you. Keeping in mind your values and the journey you’re making.

I use humour when appropriate. To lighten up the mood.

I create an inclusive and sex-positive space. For all genders, orientations, relationship dynamics, and identities.

The goal of sex therapy is to help both couples and singles move past physical and emotional challenges to have satisfying relationships and a pleasurable sex life.

To help you, I use a psycho-educational – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy framework.

My approach with adolescents, adults, and couples


We reflect on past sexual experiences in a trauma-informed way. It allows us to explore what might be holding you back from having a positive relationship with sex.


I create a space for positive sexual communication where we tackle your sex issues. I shall help add insight, support, and tools to keep the communication flowing and the work continuing outside the session.

You and your partner will work together as a team towards achieving goals like strengthening intimacy, exploring your erotic side, tackling a sexual dysfunction, or any other sexual issue.


I use a sex educational framework that allows for shame-free educational conversations (talk and learn about sexual health).

I can help people with:

(but not limited to)

Sexual Dysfunction  |  Issues of Desire  |  Relationship Issues  |  Sexuality Issues

What am I working on now?

Apart from working as a sexologist in Therapy in Barcelona, I also:

Work as the project manager of the Erika Lust non-profit The Porn Conversation which provides free and easily accessible sex education tools for families, educators and teens. 

Give a regular members-only sex talk series at Soho House Barcelona. 

Write articles on sex, sexual health, and sexuality for various media outlets 

Provide in-person and online sex education courses for adolescents at schools across the globe.

I was inspired by a sexologist who came to my school. I grew up with a lack of sexual education, so it was amazing to hear someone talking freely about sex.

It even motivated me to create an HIV/AIDS awareness club with some friends in order to bring more sexologists and educators to our school.

Before working as a sexologist, I had to unlearn shame, stigma, guilt, and myths about sex and sexuality.

It enabled me to begin a relearning process that has got me to the beauty of this place today. And made me a better sexologist.

So, how did I come around to study sexology?


things I love doing when I'm not working

Stroll around the city seeking out my next dream balcony. There are so many beautiful spaces that my imagination enables me to live in.

Watch sunsets by the sea. It’s a magical moment that I can savour alone or with someone.

Embroider, although I’m terrible at it. That’s ok with me, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just enjoyable. 

Let me share a tool to work towards mindful sex

In my clients own words therapy with me

Avril is such a friendly and warm person. During our sessions I feel like she’s really listening to what I have to say and I feel comfortable expressing myself. She is able to extract parts of what I’ve said and dive deeper into the issues.

She’s really positive and gives me some simple tasks to do at home to help me move forward from the way I’m feeling. She keeps things really light and makes me feel really validated. I’d recommend her to anyone!!

Avril is nice and a good listener. She made me feel comfortable talking about the issues and not embarrassed. She gave good and helpful advice.

Only had one session but feel like I already have a clear plan for tackling issues going forward with Avril's help.

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I believe that sexual wellness is a huge part of a person’s overall well-being.