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Therapy in Barcelona Update – Offices Reopened From May 11 2020

Therapy in Barcelona Update – Reopening of Offices May 11 2020

Therapy in Barcelona closed its offices on March 13 2020 and initiated solely online sessions for clients. In line with the Spanish government’s deescalation phases, which includes allowing services by appointment, we our reopening our offices on May 11 2020.

Of course, we will need to roll back our office opening and revert back to online sessions should the deescalation phases be delayed due to a new wave of infections and subject to government advice.


Measures to Ensure the Safety of Therapists and Clients

Therapy in Barcelona will be open for business as usual and we want to assure our clients that we are doing what we can to assure a safe space for those attending for in-person care.

Respect Social Distancing

As part of the “new normal” for a time, we are ensuring we ask clients to arrive only several minutes before session to avoid use of waiting room, and to maintain social distancing of 1.5 metres in all spaces (about 2 arms length), at all times.

Refrain from Physical Contact

Avoid physical contact: please smile, nod, bow or elbow bump to greet your therapist – whatever works for you!

Practise Good Hygiene

It is OBLIGATORY for clients and therapists to wash their hands on entering the office and before and after session

We ask that only therapists touch door handles or other high touch surfaces.

Please sanitise any pen used by you with sanitiser before and after use.

Sanitiser is supplied throughout every space in the office and the premises are regularly disinfected and ventilated.

Therapists will be cleaning high touch surfaces before and after sessions, and face shields will be available for use by you and your therapist. These will be sanitised after use. 

Bathroom and Waiting Room

Avoid use of the office bathroom unless absolutely necessary.

Keep the waiting room clear by coming to the offices only several minutes before your appointment.

Electronic Signatures and Payments

Clients will be required to sign consent forms and other documents electronically before sessions.

Payment will be requested by direct deposit or by using payment terminals. Details will be provided before session of payment type required by your therapists. 

BYO Water or Beverages. Goodbye Soft Furnishings

Clients MUST provide their own water bottles and buy takeaway tea or coffee. There will be NO water jugs, cups, and mugs in the office.

All non essential items will be removed from offices including cushions, blankets, magazines, books and rugs. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Stay at Home if You are Sick or in a Vulnerable Group – Have an Online Session Instead

48 Hours Notice is required to cancel without full fee charge. You may choose an ONLINE session in lieu of your face to face session.

To ensure the safety of all our clients and therapists, stay at home when you are sick, whether you have COVID-19 or another virus or infection. To minimise the risk of unknown cases spreading throughout the community we are encouraging our clients to take heightened precautions to limit the spread of any virus by opting to not attend if they have begun to experience cold or flu-like symptoms. Online therapy is an option in lieu of your face-to-face session.

If you are unwell and/or concerned about exposure to COVID-19, we encourage you to check in with the STOP COVID 19 CAT app. You can download it from here.  You can also call your local CAP or private Doctor.

If you are unwell and wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please provide us with 48 hours notice of the cancellation, otherwise, our cancellation policy allows you to be exempt from cancellation fees if a medical certificate is provided. As demand for our services increase, this act of kindness will provide another appointment time for somebody else in need.

DO NOT attend an in-person appointment and notify your therapist of a need for an online appointment asap if:

You have fever or other symptoms of COVID-19

You have been in close contact with someone who has recently contracted COVID- 19

You have been advised by a Dr or health agency to self-isolate

You are in a vulnerable group, aged 65 or over, or with weak immunity, diabetes,        asthma, severe obesity, chronic lung  disease, serious heart conditions, liver disease or if you are immunocompromised

Online Sessions are Still Available

We also want to inform you of the availability of Telehealth sessions if you are unable to, or prefer not to attend the practice in person. Therapy in Barcelona is committed to continuing to provide ongoing care and support for all who need it. Our therapists are all  proficient in the use of video conferencing that is safe and secure for both our clients and our therapists and is acceptable to the guidelines for the provision of safe Telehealth services.

At Therapy in Barcelona we have been working hard to ensure it is a seamless and easy shift to online sessions if this is what works for you. We want to ensure all of our existing clients are able to continue with therapy and we can still guide you on your journey to wellness.

A Telehealth session is a consultation with your therapists held via video-conferencing  or over the phone. Our Telehealth sessions are conducted much the same as a regular in-person sessions and are 50 minutes. If you choose to book an online consultation we will email you some instructions on how to make payment and access the video session with your therapist before the session.

Read more about online therapy here You can also read more about online therapy here 

If you do choose to come in to the office at Calle Paris 162-164, 3o, 1a 08036 Barcelona, we would love to see you in person.

Be in touch if you have any questions about our office opening or if you wish to make an appointment with one of our therapists, online or in-office.

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