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Therapy is….

Therapy is...

Over the years I have asked therapists to finish the sentence “Therapy is………..”

Here are some of the answers.

Therapy is a great tool to have more insight, support and strategies for life changes. Therapy is ideal for a person when they want to have more self-awareness in their lives and work toward positively changing their lives.

Therapy is an investment in yourself. It provides the necessary tools and support needed to heal from a loss, to manage a difficult period in your life, or to grow into your best self. There is no need to struggle alone when a trained professional can help.

Therapy is to un-learn what we were taught to believe by finding our own answers within and by recognising our own resources and potential.

Therapy is basically like a mental spa and a great gift to oneself.

Therapy is not about stopping suffering, it is a safe space in which to learn new ways of relating to difficult experiences, to create a meaningful life.

Therapy is not surgery, and is not something that will happen to you, but rather is something that requires active effort from you, the client. 

Therapy is the non-judgmental space where you can learn from who you were, clarify who you are, and decide who you will be.

Therapy is for everyone. It is understanding, growing and thriving.

Therapy is healing, empowering and helps give you control back in your life.

Therapy is a tool to get to know yourself better and what matters to you, empowering you to take brave decisions about how you want to live your life, here, and now. It’s a safe container for you to express the fullness of your own being.
Therapy is the opportunity to transform a crisis or pain into a process of growth and change. It is an opportunity to become more and more ourselves and dissolve the painful knots that block us.
Therapy is a journey through self exploration.
Therapy is a safe and confidential space in which to work collaboratively on any struggles you may be facing. These may be coping with anxiety and depression, relationship issues or stress. It can also be a space in which to find support and guidance for those wanting to make positive changes in their lives or for those wanting to understand themselves and their experiences better.
Therapy is getting help through the process of asking questions and finding answers, of searching for, and finding new ways.
Therapy is self-understanding, empowerment to change, and acceptance of what cannot be changed.
Therapy is a helping hand during challenging times.
Therapy is a place to focus on yourself deeply, providing you with the energy to heal and grow.
Therapy is a path that will take you wherever you want to go. 
Therapy is a way to connect, know, accept and love yourself for what you really are.
Therapy is in invaluable gift to yourself at a time you most need it.
Therapy is an intimate meeting between two people which undertake a trip together side by side, session by session.
Therapy is the step you take towards creating the best relationship with yourself.
Therapy is a caring, empathetic and collaborative space for you to explore your issues, concerns and needs in a safe and nurturing environment.
Therapy is an inner quest to find effective responses to difficult life circumstances.
Therapy is the start of our journey, the processing of our emotions, and the connection with ourselves and the world at large.
Therapy is not admitting defeat, but seeking support as you get back up.
Therapy is a privileged space to receive specialised accompaniment for a specific life passage and get to keep the tools for facing future endeavours.
Therapy is a way to look under the surface and understand the motivators that drive our behaviours and emotions. It enables us to take responsibility for the different roles we play in our life and to establish healthier relationships. 
Therapy is the space to reflect and reconfigure our identity and path in life.
Therapy is safe, accompanied and whatever you need it to be.
Therapy helps you see things from a different perspective and to try different options and solutions.
Therapy is the first step towards a positive change in your life.
Therapy is support in a safe, non-judgmental environment in which you can feel safe to explore the challenges in your life.
Therapy is a safe context in which to learn new ways of relating to one’s difficult experiences in order to live a meaningful life and create well-being for oneself and others.
Therapy is a way to transform your suffering into better functioning by seeking tailor-made solutions to your problems and conflicts. Therapy is NOT about getting a ready-made universal solution.
Therapy is a collaborative relationship in which the therapist provides support, skills and guidance that you can cope with life’s challenges and realise your authentic self.
Therapy is an investment in your future.
Therapy is a safe space where individuals can be themselves without judgement or prejudice. It is a space where people get to know their strengths learn how to practice these strengths to help them cope with difficulties or to foster growth.


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