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Tips for Couples At Home with Kids Due to Covid-19

Tips for Couples at Home with Kids Due to Covid-19

Welcome to Therapy in Barcelona’s video series on how to create calm, wellness, and resilience in this challenging time. If you need therapy, for yourself, as a couple or as parents, for your kids, teen or whole family, please reach out to Therapy in Barcelona.

Claudia is Mexican Psychologist and Collaborating Therapist for Adults, Couples, Parents, Adolescents and Children at Therapy in Barcelona.

Here she shares some tips for how couples working at home with children can cope.

Every day or so, you will hear from one of our collaborating therapists at Therapy in Barcelona on ways to stay calm, resilient, and well during this challenging time.

Claudia, like all of our therapists, is offering ONLINE and TELEPHONE THERAPY. Please contact us, email or call +34 644 522 369 to book a session today.

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