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Uxue. Therapy in Barcelona Collaborating Therapist in Her Own Words.



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My name is Uxue and I’m a Clinical Psychologist from the Basque country.

Eager to leave my small hometown in the Basque country, I emigrated to London. After a time working for the NHS, I moved to Barcelona.

I love Barcelona’s liveliness and abundance of open-minded people. I was drawn to Therapy in Barcelona as a welcoming and supportive team where I can help expats. 

English, Spanish, and Euskera

Adults, Couples, Adolescents 16+

MSc Clinical Psychology, BSc Psychology, Nº colegiado: 30212

So, what does working with me feel like?

I offer you hope. 

I am an optimistic person and believe change IS possible. I will hold your balloon for you even when you cannot.

I offer you tools to effect change in your life.

I draw from my knowledge of Solution Focused, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Narrative, Compassion Focused and Systemic approaches.

I provide a space of unconditional acceptance.

I value the bravery, vulnerability and effort it takes to share your personal concerns. I will meet you with care, acceptance and a willingness to understand you.

I offer you my full presence.

I will listen to you. I will give you the quiet space to enter and be heard.

Who do I help?


Anxiety,  excessive worry, emotional dependence, obsessive thoughts, depression, life transitions,  grief and loss, stress management, sleep issues, divorce, family issues.

 My passion is helping people work through their concerns, doubts and fears.

Couples - Partners

Relationship struggles, attachment issues, emotional dependence, divorce, family issues, trust and communication, thoughts about ending relationship or fear of ending the relationship.

I pay special attention to communication patterns. My interventions help you to change the way you see and talk to each other. 

Adolescents 16+

Depression, anxiety, self-esteem, worry, feeling lost in life, bullying, sleep issues, emotional disturbance, learning challenges like dyslexia or dyscalculia .

I have always had the capacity to connect with adolescents with ease.

Being bullied as a kid was an experience that caused me to become reflective and compassionate.

I am genuinely curious about anything and everything, especially people

Always into learning new things, I loved ALL the subjects and found it hard to narrow my focus at university. My mother reminded me of my reflective nature and suggested I move toward Psychology.

She was right!

I’m passionate about therapy. It offers an excellent opportunity, not only to resolve problems, but also for personal growth

What drew me to psychology?


details about me as a person

As a kid I would sing non-stop! Listening to music has always been a big self-soothing tool for me. 

Dancing. I love to dance! I believe it is the best way to have fun, without a doubt.

Playing the guitar, reading and drawing. I love all of these and plan to spend more time doing them.

Let me share a brief exercise to show the power of the breath

what clients
say about working with me

I think Uxue is very precise, emphatic and knowledgable therapist. She created safe environment and I found her approach to solving problems helpful. My partner was making a booking, but I think all process went smoothly.

The most satisfying thing about the sessions is the variety of tools that Uxue offers you so that you can face what torments you, without a doubt a great specialist.

Very happy with the sessions with Uxue. They have been a great push towards growth and personal evolution. Besides, the closeness and friendliness of Uxue make this process very pleasant and with constant positive sensations.

The truth is, today I had therapy with her and I had never felt so comfortable with someone telling her every difficult situation. Thank you very much for dedicating yourself to this because making me feel so comfortable and listened to is priceless. Thank you for your words and thanks to you I will achieve many things.

I have had a pleasant experience with Uxue. She generates an environment of trust in which there are no taboos and everything is much easier. It has helped me to see things from another point of view and, indirectly, it has facilitated and clarified my decision-making. Thank you!!

Close, professional, human. She adapted to the urgency in my first few sessions. She made my process so easy for me, it was just what I needed. I always keep in mind our conclusions. I recommend it. Thank you very much.

I have had several therapy sessions with Uxue and the truth is that it has gone very well. It helped me a lot to face very hard moments and to see things more clearly.

Are you ready to learn skills to feel better?

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My objective is always my client's wellbeing. I aim to offer a guided path for healing which is adaptive to change, full of empathy and honesty.