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Valeria. Therapy in Barcelona Collaborating Therapist in Her Own Words



I aim to help people integrate better into society and enjoy a more fulfilling life experience.

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I’m Valeria, an empathic, warm, and respectful therapist originally from Italy.

When I moved four years ago to Barcelona, it was to stay only for a year. I guess the sea, Gaudi and the warmth of the people have been the main reasons for me to still be here.

English, Spanish, and Italian

Adults, Couples, Families, Children, Adolescents

MSc Psychology, MSc in Medical Anthropology, Advance Diploma Psychodynamics in Mental Health Practice, Coaching Certificate, MA Art Therapy, MSc Clinical and Health Psychology, Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Open Dialogue

British Psychological Society Chartered Graduate Membership: 348176

British Association for Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy Membership: 00001000613

Colegi Oficial de Psicologia de Catalunya Provisional Membership: P668

What does working with me feel like?

I focus on creating a positive working relationship with you. One that is characterised by warmth, respect, acceptance, empathy and trust.

We build a setting where you feel contained and safe. Where you can discuss your deepest concerns and express your feelings.

I help you address your problems using your own resources. Strengths that lie within you and you might not be aware of or haven’t developed.

I have an integrative approach to therapy. I use humanistic frameworks, life coaching skills, art therapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and tools from psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

I can help you with issues such as:

Self-esteem  |  Perfectionism  |  Transitions  |  Worry  |  Work-related stress  |  Life direction  |  Sleep issues  |  Feelings of depression  |  Generalised anxiety

Mild personality disorders  |  Eating disorders  |  Emotional regulation  |  PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder)  |  Psychotic symptoms  |  Hallucinations  |  Adaptation issues

I was drawn by the possibility of helping all kinds of people achieve a more fulfilling life. And also to study the complexity and mysteries of life, human nature, and interaction.

That initial appeal developed into a passion for my profession. I found, and find it, very stimulating. It requires you to remain open-minded, non-judgmental, curious, and compassionate as well as compelling you to keep updated.

Like the Open Dialogue I’m training for now which enriches my group therapy with new skills that I can apply to conflict resolution, corporate coaching sessions, and family therapy.

What made me decide to study psychology?


details that shape me as a therapist and person

I believe that living too much in the past or future may hinder fully enjoying or experiencing the only life you have. 

I love art, especially modern and contemporary painters. Their use of colours and shapes fascinates and inspires me.

Being loved, understood and accepted can be very healing. As can be self-worth, self-love, and self-acceptance. They’re all essential to wellbeing.

Let me share a tool to help with relationship problems

Therapy with me in my clients own words

Valeria is a very good listener and asks good questions for self reflection. Her practical "homework" (like drawing, writing letters, grounding, breathing and other exercises) are a good way to work on oneself outside of the therapy session.

Super helpful! Helps me filter my own words and visualize my challenges.

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It is very rewarding to help people feel better about themselves and achieve a more fulfiling life.