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Virginia. Therapy in Barcelona Collaborating Therapist in Her Own Words



I invite you to co-create a space where your full human experience is welcome, including the pieces that you usually turn away from.

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I’m Virginia, an American therapist and coach
passionate about bringing a realistic approach to mindfulness.

In 2019 I moved from Colorado to Barcelona for love and to quench my readiness for change. 

The intention, care, responsiveness, and organisation embodied by Therapy in Barcelona feels like a reflection of how I work and I’m grateful for this container – for myself as a practitioner, but primarily for the clients I work with.

MA Contemplative Counselling Psychology, Licensed Professional Counsellor Colorado LPC.0014040

What does working with me feel like?

Accompanied. I won’t ‘fix’ you, because you are not broken. I am here to accompany and facilitate you in your process.

Accepted. I deeply respect your right to be you. Your whole human experience can be shared, even difficult topics you may be afraid to share. 

Present. As a mindfulness-based practitioner, I create space to support you to be more fully in your life. I’ll meet you with where you are at with mindfulness.

Unique. I tailor therapy to suit you and your needs. I have a toolbox of mindfulness-based approaches, MBCT, CBT, DBT, ACT, Internal Family Systems, Motivational Interviewing and Somatic Experiencing.

Balanced. I combine warmth and compassion with groundedness and strength. 

Light. I make space, where appropriate, for a good laugh and connection over silly things. There is work, but we can bring lightness too!

Powerful. You will be supported in discovering the immense goodness and potential that lies in you.

Who do I help?

Adolescents 16+

Anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, relationships, dating, divorce, life transitions, substance abuse/addiction, stress management, spiritual issues, living abroad, conflict resolution, issues related to sexuality and/or gender, integrating 'peak experiences,' self-esteem, specific phobias.


Navigating intercultural relationships, communication, learning to to cope with challenges you face together, managing consensual non-monogamous relationships like polyamory, or with any other concerns you and your partner/s might need support with.

In facing my own struggles and those of others, the question for me is always: “Why do we end up acting in ways that cause us to suffer and get stuck when we are only trying to take care of ourselves and others? And how can I do something different?”

While it’s true that people confide in me and I’ve always had space for the hard things in life, seeking the answer to this question was my impetus to study psychology.

Discovering mindfulness through the work of Thich Nhat Hahn while I was in my own therapy started me on a path that has helped me to answer this question and to move forward in my life with a greater sense of choice.

Whether you’re new to mindfulness, skeptical of it, or feel jaded by the whole thing, I bring a fresh perspective that is grounded in real life.

Rather than being an escape, mindfulness is a tool for connecting with ourselves and others, gaining and applying insights, and choosing to live in ways that are meaningful and fulfilling.

Why did I choose the path of psychology and mindfulness?


details that have made me the therapist I am

Radical acceptance. My life’s journey has been accepting where and who I am, however imperfect and ever-changing. Real change comes from acceptance.

Dancing Salsa. I love the way I feel embodied and it’s how I met my husband in Barcelona.

Meditation. I have been meditating on and off for nearly 10 years. And, no my mind is not blissfully serene at all times!

Let me share an exercise for creating a map around a challenge or big decision

what clients
say about working with me

I am the most satisfied with Virginia as my therapist than I have ever been with any other provider. Her approach to using internal family systems has really unlocked key perceptions in me and has allowed me to better connect and understand myself. Her service is greatly appreciated and I look forward all week to our sessions.

I find it very helpful that our conversations have been a great balance of free flowing discussion and structured questioning. It's amazing to have details from previous sessions referenced later. It makes me feel cared for.

Virginia instantly made me feel safe and welcome. She allows me to take the time I need to gather my thoughts and to talk about what's on my mind. She helps me appreciate all of what I'm feeling, and not try to "fix" or override any difficult moments or negative reactions, which is a relief in this age of toxic positivity. I am seeing tiny adjusments in myself through the work I'm doing with Virginia. I have slowed everything down, and am learning a lot about myself.

Virginia was welcoming, approachable and nice to work with from the first minute. The first session was already resourceful and left the room with some insights to reflect on.

From the start, Virginia made me feel that my hope of restoring myself was possible with time work and nourishment. I’ve always felt safe and heard. Even on difficult days, I felt capable of getting through the sadness. Homework and extra support outside of the lessons helped to make therapy more ongoing and approachable.

Her way to approach us as a couple, calm us and make sense of things is just amazing.

I've really, really enjoyed my few sessions with Virginia. Her eagerness to engage, to listen, and to work with me to parse what we discuss for insights is exactly what I was looking for, and I look forward to continuing our sessions.

She makes me feel very hopeful.

I felt very comfortable and heard. We were able to discuss much of what I had hoped we would.

Virginia gave us the space and atmosphere to express ourselves freely and helped us organize our thoughts and emotions. Very good experience!

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I trust my clients to run their lives and make their own decisions, including to take what resonates from our work and to leave the rest.