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work-life balance

Creating a healthy work-life balance

Are you juggling an unrelenting workload with being present as a parent? The end result is exhaustion.

Is your identity tied to what you do instead of who you are? Your work may be having a detrimental effect on your personal relationships.

Do you feel you’re on the edge of burnout? You’re unable to disconnect when the time comes to enjoy yourself. 

Therapy can put you back on an even keel by helping you to figure out where your priorities lie, improve your time management strategies, learn to delegate efficiently and communicate better.

Perhaps you consider therapy to be only “useful” for “major” issues?

If something is making your child unhappy, it’s important, whether it’s a small or a big concern. 

Sometimes they will need help understanding a situation or expressing their feelings. Others might need to process trauma or cope with divorce.

There are many reasons why you may consider counselling for your child, and none is either right or wrong.

Whatever may be worrying you, we can help.

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