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Spaniards work hard and play hard. However, Spain differs from many other countries in that, in general, more emphasis is placed on relationships and quality of life than work, money, and success. This can be a culture shock. Indeed, expats coming from countries where time is money, and success is a measure of worth, will still be prone to developing gross imbalances in work and life.

Learning to manage stress and juggle all of your work and life responsibilities is a challenging task that high-achieving expats often struggle with.

Our therapists are here to help.

Therapy can help you navigate finding the right balance between work and personal life  that works for you. Learn to manage your time better, delegate, problem solve, communicate effectively, figure out where your priorities lie and live in accordance with your values.

Our therapists can provide help with:

Defining Your Values


Discovering the Benefits of Relaxation


Managing Competing Priorities

Time Management


Assertive Communication

assertive communication training barcelona

Changing Unhelpful Beliefs


Mindfulness Strategies

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