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Expats are Different to their Counterparts in their Home Country

expat benefits

Six studies of over 1, 874 people, comparing people living abroad, and those who do not, suggest that, beyond the challenges of expat life, one significant benefit can be found.

Researchers found that the longer the time lived abroad, the more likely individuals would have a clearer self-concept. This suggests expats who have been in one country for a long time are more likely to exhibit a clear understanding of themselves and of their career direction. 

This is interesting as it has previously been evidenced that significant life transitions, such as divorce or job loss, are associated with a decline in clarity around self-understanding. In contrast, the transition of moving and living abroad for a significant length of time, provokes a clearer sense of self.

In turn, a clearer sense of self is associated with enhanced life satisfaction and job performance and reduced stress .

That’s great news for expats!! 

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